Sunday, April 14, 2013

Free Date Idea

I'm still on my quest to reduce expenses and thought I'd share our latest free date.  Something Luke and I do occasionally is go to free movie screenings for films that have not yet been released.  There is a certain level of hassle and spontaneity required for these dates.  Luke gets e-mails notifying him of free screenings in the area, we have to RSVP and show up to the location about an hour early to wait in a really long line.  You fill out some paperwork and wait.  There is no guarantee you'll get in to see the movie, it depends on space and I guess the demographics they are looking for, but we've been to several screenings and never been turned away.  We don't mind waiting in the line because it gives you a chance to actually talk and people watch which adds to the date experience we think.

Then you get to watch a free movie on the big screen!  After the movie, you spend about 5 minutes filling out a marketing questionnaire about the movie.  You rate the actors, music, list your favorite/least favorite scenes, etc.  It can spark some good post-film conversation!  Sometimes they'll even give you free movie tickets for coming to the event.  Our last screening we got 2 movie tickets each in addition to the free movie we watched.  CHA-CHING!  That's 2 more free movie dates for us...did I mention I was married to a movie fanatic?

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