Monday, October 18, 2010


I got an acceptance letter to Drexel University's Accerlerated Nursing Program back in June. We gave it serious thought and decided to head out there to check it out before committing to moving out there.

The absolute best part of traveling is the planning. I love to read about the history, culture, attractions, and FOOD of a place before I go. I spend weeks gathering information before I selectively plan my time. I make lists and schedules and print out obsessive maps/guides on public transportation. I consult people who have been, yelp, off the beaten path suggestions, touristy to the extreme suggestions. I'm a freak.

Sadly, we only had about 2 days in Philadelphia and our purpose of the trip was scouting out Drexel, so my schemes for sightseeing were cut short, but we did do some really cool things. Mostly involving food. Go figure.

We stayed in the cutest part of town. I almost died at the cuteness. Tall, brick buildings everywhere with old churches on every corner and nice places to eat. Not to mention Rittenhouse Square. Rittenhouse is just piece of green in the city with park benches, people playing chess, walking their dogs, reading or pushing strollers. Adorable.

I received a couple recommendations to go to a restaurant called Alma de Cuba. I would describe it as a very hip, sexy, restaurant/lounge serving Cuban food. Luke was definitely out of his element, but I loved experience. (I've been pretty spoiled with eating at fancy pants restaurants through work.) I got some delicious duck with a currant good. And dessert was even better. Luke got Banana Tres Leches and I got a chocolate almond cake in the shape of a cigar (remember...Cuba.)

We'd planned on going to Pat's and Geno's (two rival Philly cheesesteak joints across the street from eachother.) But on the plane ride over, I sat inbetween two black cops, both named Calvin from Jersey. They were HILARIOUS! They said to forget those places and go to Jim's. So we took a cab and had some great sandwiches. And Diet Dr. Pepper....amazing. I'm pretty sure Luke was in heaven.

If you know me, then you know I have an unnatural obsession with 21 Jumpstreet. I was born in the wrong decade...sigh.

I loved Philly! I'm such an urbanite at heart. I'm really glad I got the chance to go.