Sunday, February 5, 2012

So I married a dog hater...

I grew up wanting a dog like every kid, but my mom was allergic to anything with fur. I did get to raise outdoor rabbits for a while, but unbeknownst to me, it was a "food storage" project for my Dad. One day the bunnies disappeared and we ate "chicken" for dinner. That's right, my parents fed me my pet for dinner....yes, I'm still traumatized.

So I always told myself that when I moved out, I would get my own pet. At BYU, a rebellious roommate and I got a tiny kitten named Maimouna (my roomie had just done a study abroad in Africa and apparently this is a common African name.) Unfortunately this adventure didn't last very long. We were ratted out and had to give our kitten away. Darn those honor code following goody two shoes!! :)

So then, still being a cat and dog (but mostly dog) lover, I thought when I get married I will have a pet!! Sadly, the only flaw in my husband is that his #1 rule is NO PETS. I do have to admit that I was well aware of this rule before we were married. But, I really thought I could change his mind or at least bug him so much that he would relent. I'm 2 years into this marriage and he hasn't budged an inch!!!

At least when I am having a bad day, Luke will scoop me up and drive me to the puppy store. And who can be sad with cute, tiny puppies touching their adorable noses to the glass displays?! My favorite is picking out the cutest puppies and naming them! I keep hoping that one day Luke will fall in love with one and we'll get to take it home!!