Friday, January 21, 2011


When we decided to stay in Moorpark for nursing school, I where am I going to do my homework? We needed a desk. I went online and searched. And searched. And searched. Nothing was looking good on craigslist and I didn't want to pay nearly $200 for a particle board desk from Target.

So I went to Salvation Army on their 50% off day and bought a desk. But it was ugly. Very ugly. I needed to fix that.

I forgot to get a true "before shot," but this is a mid-paint shot.

I've never been a DIYer. I've always figured, time is money and I would rather pay to have someone else do it for me. But now that I'm a full-time student, my time is worth $0/hr.

So I did A LOT of sanding. And some painting. And my daddy let me use his tools and garage and helped me aka did most of the painting. Thanks Dad!

All it needs are drawer pulls and a chair!

Now I've joined the elite club of DIYers and have a little study corner so I can study my rear off!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Still in love one year later....

We took our caribbean cruise to celebrate our 1st year anniversary and as a last hurrah while we were still living in double income bliss. But it was about 1 month before our actual anniversary. I think the first year of any marriage is full of joy and learning. You are learning to live with another person and their "culture." You are learning to communicate and what your home life will be together. I can say that we did survive! And we still love eachother! Yay!

I just thought I'd share a journey through photos. This is one of my favorite photos together. We had just started dating and were playing "dress up" with some friends. We have so much fun together!

Then we got engaged. What a horrible and lovely time engagement is! Ha! We were so affectionate at this stage! Still are, but we couldn't stand to be apart!

This was our wedding day on 1/2/10. Our first steps as man and wife! What a happy and beautiful day! I sometimes wish I could live that day over and over again (minus the stress!) Ok or maybe just get into a big white dress and be surrounded with flowers and eat cake!

And this is us one year later. We celebrated with a dinner at Cheesecake Factory and seeing the movie, True Grit. I think it will have to be a tradition to get cheesecake for our anniversary. Our wedding cake was cheesecake and I think it's the best way to celebrate a happy occasion!

I hope our next year is as good as the first!