Monday, January 6, 2014


So a few weeks ago, I'd finally scheduled an interview at a non-profit doing functional assessments as an RN out in the valley.  So I arranged for a sitter, put on a suit and did the interview.  I thought it went well and as I was driving home I thought, "Hey! I'm childless and in a suit....I should drop off my resume at another place."  So I did.  And they hired me on the spot.  Its a home health agency.  (I was also offered the non-profit job, but decided to do home health because it uses my clinical skills.)

The schedule has been very unpredictable and last minute because I'm training with other RNs on their schedule and the agency calls me last minute to fill in.  So I feel like I'm constantly scrambling to find a sitter, driving to and from, working for a couple hours and insert more driving.  By the time that's all done, my day is shot.  I've also decided to keep my other job doing health screenings and flu shots.  So I'm feeling a little crazy and stressed these days.  2014 will be the year of survival.

Anyways, its great to have a "real" nursing job and I'm learning a lot.