Saturday, January 7, 2012

NS 30

Third semester of nursing school. I kind of never dreamed I would get this far. And now it's staring me in the face. This is like the beast of all beasts. The dreaded and all feared semester where we statistically the most students from the class. What draws the line between the staying half and the leaving half? Smarts? Drive? Luck? Insanity? Ability to function on no sleep?

I've learned a lot so far, but I feel like now we are taking a big step into actually becoming nurses as opposed to just observing them in the hospital and "helping."

I kind of hope this is the last BIG hump of my almost 5 year journey to become an RN. I'm sure the next 18 weeks will probably be the most difficult. I just hope I survive and come out the other end a more educated, meticulous and compassionate person.

Wish me luck and I'll see you all again in May! If I don't see you until then, please don't be offended....I've already got my reading list and I won't be seeing the light of day all semester. Ciao!