Thursday, August 12, 2010

Love and San Diego

So, it's about 3pm on an average Wednesday at work when I get a text from my bestie that she and her fiance are getting married the next morning in San Diego!!! HOLY CRAP!!! (The Navy has a way of imposing last minute/life changing experiences I've noticed...) Crystal and I met through work a few years ago and have been best friends ever since. In fact, every year we celebrate our "Frienniversary" every year with a fancy dinner to celebrate when we became friends. (Cheesy? Absolutely yes. But hey, its an excuse to splurge!) We've worked together, traveled all over the US together, she's been there when I met Luke and got married and I've been there when she joined the Navy. So bottom line, I HAD to be there for their special day.

Quick like a bunny, I got the day off from work, priceline negotiated a hotel room in SD, bought some cupcakes, packed, stopped off in LA to get pick up Will's wedding band and headed down the I-5. The next morning we headed to the courthouse (which is right across the street from the ocean) for their ceremony. I've never been to a ceremony at the courthouse and it was actually nicer than I'd imagined. The lady performing the ceremony actually said some really nice things about love, respect and being faithful to the one you marry. After some "I dos," a kiss and my witness signature, Mr. and Mrs. Will Argueta walked out of the courthouse. We had some cupcakes, a toast and then Will had to go back to work. Crystal and I celebrated the day by going to our favorite San Diego breakfast joint, The Broken Yolk. Let me tell you, the best way to celebrate a marriage is with some bomb French Toast!
On a side note...I LOVE San Diego. Luke is normally not allowed to say the "B" word or the "H" word in my presence (baby or house.) But I've decided that when we are ready to settle down and buy a house, San Diego is my #1 pick so far. Reasons why:
1.) It's absolutely gorgeous there! Blue, blue skies, blue water, great temperatures. You could never have a bad day if you lived there, I'm certain of that.
2.) Technically, it's a pretty large city, but I don't get that rushed or crowded feeling there, even when I'm downtown. It's relaxed and casual with all my urban necessities.
3.) It's in California.
4.) There's a temple there.
5.) Lukie and I could get a sailboat!
6.) University of San Diego has Nurse Practioner program.
Hopefully, we'll end up there soon!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Take her to sea, Mr. Murdoch...

Luke and his friends go sailing every once in a while and I have always wanted to go, but never had the chance...until last weekend!!! We took Chip's vessel, Thug Life out for a sail out of the Ventura harbor. Thinking it would be wise to avoid a potential sea sickness episode, I popped half a dramamine before we set sail. Even though it was my first experience on a sail boat, Chip had me steer the boat out of the harbor while the boys set up the sails. (completely nerve wracking when there are innocent kayaking bystanders in the same waters as a newbie sailor!) I didn't get sick at all and loved being on the water. However, the dramamine made me so drowsy that I zonked out right on the ship! Luckily, I was awoken when we passed a buoy being occupied by a family of barking seals. (in case you are wondering, Luke will not allow me to keep a pet seal in our bath tub...I asked.)

All in all, it was a fabulous day with great weather, company and scrumptious snacks. I'm thinking one day Luke and I should invest in a sail boat and go on some sailing adventures...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Full House + Wedding Weekend

The Brown/Acosta wedding has been a long anticipated event! Chris Acosta has been Luke's longest friend and it was his wedding that we all gathered for. We got to play "How many people can we fit into Luke and Whitney's 1 bedroom apartment?" We successfully housed 6 people for the wedding weekend (more like 6 1/2 if you count the baby in Janel's belly...can you believe she drove from Utah with 3 weeks left in her pregnancy?!! What a trooper!)

It was so great to meet up with all of Luke's posse at the rehearsal dinner at Bucca di Beppos. I think I ate myself into an oblivion...they even had a towering donut cake decorated like a wedding cake. It was so creative (and delish!)

Luke was the best man and he looked super handsome in his suit. Everything about the wedding was absolutely gorgeous...the venue, the bride, the flowers, the bridesmaids and their dresses. The color was pink, so of course I was in love with everything...especially the candy!! Have I mentioned that I like candy? (understatement of the century...) Some of the wedding party also arranged and performed a medley of songs for the bride and groom which was really quite spectacular.

Sadly, toward the evening Lukie got really sick. I've never seem him so ill, so I was really worried. He was in some sort of fever/delirium for about 24 hours, so I got the opportunity to teach his Sunday School class. We played "tithing jeopardy," which seemed to work ok, but I think all the kids were glad to have their real teacher back the next Sunday.