Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last Hurrah!

As our last hurrah before nursing school and to celebrate our one year anniversary, we decided (more like I decided and did a lot of persuading...) to take a cruise from Puerto Rico.

I don't want to bore anyone with a play by play of our awesome vacation (that would probably make you jealous and sad too) so I'll just run through some highlights.

LAX>JFK>SJU (what I like to call the scenic route.)
Sketchy, sketchy cab that wasn't a cab ride to our hotel in San Juan. Thought I would die. Honest.
Explored Fort San Cristobal which was crawling with iguanas.
Boarded the Caribbean Princess.
Walking Dead marathon until 2am...what can I say? I love zombies. Really.

Snorkeling in 80 degree beautiful waters of Aruba with the Jolly Pirates. Saw sunken shipwreck of WWII ship and found 2 conch shells.

All you can eat pizza on board discovered and exploited.

Bonaire was sticky hot. Tried to rent 2 mopeds which ended up in an epic failure. Whitney is a danger to herself and others.
Movies in the hot tub.
More snorkeling in Grenada aka Isle of Spice. Hung out on Anse beach with Canadians. Islander Miguel sang me a song and tried to rub aloe on my body...would have been flattered, but I think he wanted me to pay him.

Pool and pina coladas.
More free pizza.
Room service USA.
River to ocean kayaking in Dominica. Luke and Whitney aren't such great kayak partners.

Ferry from St. Thomas to St. Johns. Most beautiful beach ever: Trunk Bay. Underwater snorkel trail.

Russian lady telling me I'm too old for school and that I should make babies.
Long, long plane ride home. Long enough to watch Pearl Harbor.
The End to the most perfect vacation ever.
(P.S. Despite this being our 2nd cruise in 2010...we are not cruise people. We swear!)