Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So long 2nd Trimester!!

My 2nd trimester started just about the time I started my final preceptorship.  If you aren't familiar with nursing school lingo, that means all classwork is done and I get assigned to work 1:1 with an RN in a hospital and work 11 full 12 hour shifts like I'm the real nurse.  I got assigned to a Telemetry Floor which was not my 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice. :)  That's ok, it ended up being good for me.  It was a very busy floor...I'd show up at about 6:30am to get report and be at a dead run the entire shift, maybe get to sit down for lunch at 4pm and leave around 7:45pm.  Tack on a 45 min commute each way and I was one tired cookie!!  One day, we had 4 "Code Blues" within a 2 hour time span on the floor.  Crazy!! Luckily I survived and so did all my patients!

Eventually my fatigue and morning sickness abated, but I traded that for insomnia!  Now, I'm a needs my sleep kind of a girl.  If I don't get somewhere near 8 hours, I am a completely different person.  A less fun, less nice, less rational kind of person.  Night after night, spending hours laying awake in bed, listening to Luke's very distinct, very loud sleep breathing, I concluded that my only two options were divorce or murder...I joke!  How mad can you get at someone who gets up at 2am to get you a cheeseburger and watch Hart of Dixie with you while you can't sleep?

Other 2nd trimester highlights:

Foods of choice: pita chips and hummus, Costco pizza, Raisin Bran (am I the only one under age 80 who loves the stuff?  Luke insists that I am.)

Feeling the baby kick at about 18 weeks!!  She is a nocturnal baby.  She's pretty quiet in the day, but man she parties hard at night!!  Hopefully we'll get a handle on that whole sleep/wake cycle thing pretty quickly.

24 weeks

I had heard that the 1 hour glucose test was a miserable experience.  I concluded that I would just have a mind over body experience and get through it.  That worked pretty well, except that I failed the test requiring the 3 hour glucose test.  This one isn't for wimps, kids!  15 minutes after consuming 100 grams of glucose I vomited politely as I could in the waiting room of Quest Diagnostics, full of onlookers.  How embarrassing!!  I felt so shaky and lightheaded, I called my mommy to come pick me up.  Talk about a throw back to elementary school! "Hi Mom....I'm sick. Can you come get me?"  Not only did she take me home, but she brought me a sandwich and my car.  She's the best!  I've decided that when my daughter is grown up and takes her glucose test, I'm going to clear my day and do exactly what my mom did!!

Onto the 3rd trimester adventures!!!