Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Young and the Old

Since I've started my education in nursing, I've mostly had experience working with older adults. Its definitely not something I thought I would enjoy, but I've come to love it. I work at a retirement community and I often leave work uplifted because I enjoy being with my "oldies," if you will. But recently I've had the opportunity to expand my experience with a new population: 3 year olds! I teach a Sunday School class called the Sunbeams at church. I think working with both spectrums brings me a lot of joy because they both say the darndest things!

Recent Sunbeam-isms:

Sunbeam: Do you know how old I am?
Me: 3?
Sunbeam: No.
Me: 4?
Sunbeam: Yes.
Me: Do you know how old I am?
Sunbeam: 59?

Me: What is something fun you did this week?
Sunbeam: I went to Disneyland 5 times!!

Sunbeam sitting in my lap points to a mole on my arm and says, "What's that?"
Me: A mole.
Sunbeam: Oh! *Laughs hysterically*

Funny Conversations with my oldies at work:

Oldie: I like your earrings.
Me: Thank you.
Oldie: I never got my ears pierced because my mother said only "fast" women have pierced ears.
Me: Oh dear.....

Oldie squinting at my name tag while riding in an elevator together: What's your name?
Me: Whitney.
Oldie: Whitney? That's a damn classy name! Damn classy!

Oldie: Can you look at my finger and tell me what's wrong with it?
Me: We can't diagnose medical conditions, but I can look at it....*looks at hands and asks a few questions* You can go to Urgent Care...
Oldie: Oh no, I don't want to do that. I'm going to the Dr. on Monday.
Me: Well, if it hurts, you can take a Tylenol or ice it.
Oldie: I think I will just double my Scotch intake.
Me: As a medical professional, I can't really recommend that....