Saturday, June 8, 2013

1 month!

I cannot believe that my baby is a month old!! I want to remember every little bit of her and I'm sure in my sleep deprived state some of the details will escape me someday...but that's why I blog!

Well baby, there was a lot of sadness in the land for the first 2 weeks of your life.  Don't get me wrong, we were crazy in love with youI had hoped to exclusively breastfeed you, but you were not gaining weight despite my feeding you for an hour every other hour.  You pretty much cried anytime that you weren't attached to me.  It made for one sad baby and one sad mommy.  Even though it broke my heart a little bit to give you a bottle with formula, you became a much happier baby!! You slept!! You stopped crying all the time! You were just one hungry little girl!

Here are some cute (and not so cute) things you do: (Please allow my first-time mom self to gush!)

-You have expert timing when it comes to peeing.  Doing it during a diaper change seems to be your favorite.  Its very exciting.

-You can't hold your milk.  After you take a bottle, your eyes roll back into your head and you get these silly grins on your face.  It's hilariously cute.

-When you take a bottle and you haven't had enough, you will scream bloody murder until more milk is given to you.  When you take a bottle and you are full, you will smack your lips ever so satisfied.

-You clench your tiny fists when eating like you are ready to fight anyone who takes away your bottle!

-Much to your mother's delight, you started smiling at 4 weeks!  The best thing ever!

Happy 1 month!! You survived us as parents.  Congratulations.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I wish I had known: First Time Mom

In my last trimester of pregnancy, I spent a ton of time scouring the internet for lists on what I needed to take with me to the hospital and to have ready to be prepared to care for my baby. Luckily, there are a ton of mommy bloggers that have great lists, but I just wanted to add my two cents to the interwebs on what I wish I had ready or what I would have not wasted my time with.

Hospital bags:

1.) Bring food!! A lot of it!  You will be HUNGRY! Like a whole new kind of hunger you've never experienced before.  Normally, I'm a 2 slice of pizza kind of a girl.  After giving birth, I ate 5 slices of pizza!!! Don't judge me, you'll do it too.  Plus the hospital food is Gross with a capital G and they won't feed your husband.

2.) Lanolin. Put this stuff on your nips every night a week before you deliver and then after every feeding.  No cracking or bleeding for this girl!

3.) PJs.  I found it awkward to breastfeed in a hospital gown.  2 piece pjs worked for me.

4.) Boppy pillow. I found it useful to learn how to breastfeed in the early days.  Have the nurses or lactation consultants help you with your holds and latch.  If they don't offer...ASK!!

To have ready at home:

1.) Clean house and freezer meals.  I felt a little crazy stocking my freezer with a zillion lasagna roll ups and muffins, but I am so glad I did!! It was 6 weeks before I could even think about putting my baby down to make some food or clean house.

2.) Cookies.  A newborn is a stressful thing.  You will need lots of cookies.

3.) Trash TV. You will be spending a lot of time awake. Best to do so in the company of the cast of Grey's Anatomy or the Kardashians.

4.) Swaddle options.  We tried swaddling with a few different blankets and not swaddling.  We ended up liking some by Summer Infant. It was trial and error. For us swaddling = more sleep which everyone desperately needs!