Saturday, January 9, 2010


Let's face it, any blog post titled "Honeymoon," makes you nervous. Or intrigued, if you're the nosy type. But don't worry, I'm sparing the world the juicy details, but I did want to report on our awesome adventures in Mexico!

We boarded our Royal Carribean cruise on and had access to unlimited food at any hour of the day. I think this may have been my favorite part of the trip. They had a buffet that was open 24 hours a didn't really float my boat, but Luke loved it and committed himself to eat at least one hamburger per day. I was more partial to the fancy 3 course meals for dinner. The service was impeccable, everything was Sir or Madam. Each night we had our choice of any or all options of appetizers, entrees and desserts. I got to try escargot for the first time (definitely not a fan, but I've always wanted to try it.) I also loved the unlimited free soft serve by the pool area. I'm only sorry that I discovered it halfway through the cruise. But probably my favorite thing was ordering room service! Luke had thought ahead and brought his laptop with a bunch of movies and TV shows on our trip. Every night we would watch a movie, order hot chocolate and cookies and snuggle! Best vacation ever!

Our three ports were Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerta Vallarta. In Cabo, it was really hot. We walked around the markets and did a little shopping. Puerta Vallarta was my favorite port because we'd planned an excursion. We took a boat to the Marietta Islands to do some snorkeling. We also asked a local where we could get the best tacos in Puerta Vallarta. After an interesting journey, we settled for a taco shack near the best tacos in Puerta Vallarta. Now, when I say taco shack, I mean just that. No running water in these things. No plastic gloves. Just some Mexican lady smashing dough with her bare hands into tortillas. It's a public health nightmare. And yet, it was so delicious. I'm not sure what Luke ordered me...all I know was that I was in taco heaven with a Coca Cola light on the side.

It was so nice to get away after planning the wedding and spending a week together just us. It really was the perfect honeymoon!