Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Instead of releasing all my nursing school stress at a College Girls Gone Wild in Florida Spring Break, I opted for a more low key experience. I'd never been to the Griffith Observatory and I'm anxious to cross off all of LA's landmarks so that's where we headed.

It had recently been renovated. It was a cool, free night in LA, I s'pose. I'm much more interested in life sciences, so space is kind of boring. We did watchh the documentary on The Griffith Observatory narrated by Leonard Nimoy which was fairly redeeming.

Einstein getting a little fresh!

I call this "Luke floating in Outer Darkness."

This is us in some kind of thermo sensor camera.

I also spent the rest of my break in one of my favorite places, San Diego. My BFF, Crystal had her baby and I went to partake in his cuteness! Overall, great break!

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