Friday, July 15, 2011

Paris or Bust!

I've always had the travel bug. When I was a child, I had a gigantic atlas book and I remember dreaming of traveling the world. I studied French in high school and college and instantly became a francophile. The language, the art, the food and culture....I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be born French, but took a wrong turn in the heavens and ended up being born in the US! And one of my biggest regrets is never doing a study abroad in France.

I told Luke that if he ever wants to have children, he HAS to take me to Paris first! So we have come up with a dream trip to take next summer that just makes me salivate thinking about it!

We're hoping to go to Paris for about a week, hop on a train to Rome and get on a Mediterranean cruise from there. The cruise was Luke's idea. I suspect that he is a cruise person. Anyways, it is giving me motivation to get through nursing school and something fun to look forward to.

I've taken a job for the sole purpose of paying for this trip (well, and to gain nursing experience.) I'm also offering my services for Paris fund donations (i.e. babysitting, cleaning, cooking, lawn mowing, etc!) Did I mention I'm desperate to get to Paris?

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  1. Yes, a cruise! But you really need the whole week for the cruise, which is probably an Italy->Greece cruise.

    Can we come, too? Seriously, that sounds awesome, except we won't come with you. We might roll around DC area next year for our vacation. Then a big Disney cruise in ~2015, if you want to come.