Friday, August 8, 2014

Pregnancy #2

I feel kind of bad that I haven't been as good of a historian as I was with my first pregnancy.  It is kind of fun to go back and read about all the details about Fiona growing in my belly, but I will admit it is much harder finding some time and peace with an active toddler running about.  Since I'm 36 weeks, I thought I would just do 1 giant overview of the whole pregnancy, so baby #2 doesn't feel left out.

Finding out:

I still hadn't returned to my usual cycles since Fiona's birth, but it had seemed like a long time.  I took a pregnancy test.  Negative.  Hmmm..... I kept waiting.  Still nothing a week later.  I took another test.  Positive!  We were elated!  Somewhat surprised at the quickness another baby was being sent our way, but elated just the same!

Sickness & cravings:

Morning sickness was a much more mild and brief experience with this pregnancy than my first.  Hallelujah!  I craved spicy foods during this time (crazy, right?)  I would pack up Fiona and we would go to Topper's Pizza for their "quick lunch."  A trip to the salad bar and a pizza with jalapenos and pineapple.  Delicious.  Or a spicy chicken sandwich from McDonald's (which sounds totally gross to me now.)  My only real complaint with this pregnancy has been complete exhaustion throughout the whole thing.  I guess being anemic and chasing a one year old around will do that.  I still haven't gotten that nesting energy!  But I will take that over everything I experienced with Fiona any day!  Another difference is that I've been pretty adverse to red meat, whereas with my first pregnancy I could not get enough steak!!

I haven't had an ultrasound since 17 weeks, where we found out that this baby is a GIRL!  Luke was right.  I was wrong.  I thought it would be a boy since it was such a different pregnancy.  I'm excited.  I think girls are the best!  We made another pink cake for the gender reveal!

Unfortunately we have not come up with a name for this baby yet.  We refer to her lovingly as Chummly....or just Chum.  Who knows?  Maybe it will stick. :)

Now I'm working up the energy to do all the laundry and haul the baby stuff out again.  Luke is convinced that this baby will come early.  I don't want to have any opinions because I'm impatient enough as it is.  I am trying to spend as much time as I can spoiling Fiona and taking her on fun outings because I think we'll be home bound for a while.  Plus this is our last month of just being Mom and Fi.  I've really enjoyed our time together, but I know this new little babe will just add to the joy!  (and subtract from the sleep!)

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