Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lady Di

This weekend was the first weekend without any schooling obligation whatsoever! I took my state licensing exam aka the NCLEX last week (still waiting on results) so I am a free woman!  I can't tell you how great it felt to be social with friends and family without worrying about the mound of reading and studying that was being neglected.

While I wait for my test results and for this baby to cook, I'm trying to keep myself occupied without going crazy.  So I planned a day trip to the Queen Mary with two of my favorite ladies for the Princess Diana exhibit they have going on.  Luckily Goldstar, had a deal so I was still able to maintain my frugal entertainment budget. :)

The special exhibit covered history on the Royal family starting back with the Queen Victoria Mary (who the ship is named after) and mother of King Albert or Bertie from the King's Speech.  They had all kinds of handwritten letters and china, coronation jackets and newspaper articles.  They even had a room on Wallis Simpson.  A few of Princess Diana's gowns were on display which was fabulous!  Did you know that she had 176 suits and 250 pairs of shoes in her closet in the 90s?!  I died and went to heaven when there was a room dedicated to William and Kate.  Kate and I both married princes and are expecting babies at the same time which practically makes us best friends!

Afterwards, we dined in the tea room and explored the engine room.  One of the propellers is still intact and boy, is it massive!  In World War II, the Queen Mary was used as a troop ship to transport soldiers.  The exhibit had accounts from soldiers who had to endure sharing a small stateroom with 18 men and only having 2 meals per day!  I wish we had more time to see the rest of the ship because it really was an interesting day!

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