Sunday, January 20, 2013

1st Trimester in Review

Got to blog on the joys of pregnancy so I don't forget and get duped into doing this again!!  Haha, I kid. But no really.

I don't think time passes more slowly than the first trimester of pregnancy. Trying to get through my last semester of nursing school while covertly being pregnant was definitely a challenge.  I really believed that I would be lucky or that the Lord would bless me and that I would not have morning sickness (really, it needs to be called "all day sickness".)  My mom didn't have morning sickness....surely I wouldn't either!  Besides I'm one of those people who vomit once every 10 years.  But oh how wrong I was!!  Luckily it only lasted 10 or so weeks and I really didn't mind losing 15lbs without breaking a sweat.

My favorite 1st trimester sickness memory was on my way into one of my clinical rotations.  From the hospital parking lot, there was a pathway into the hospital lined with trash cans every few hundred feet.  As I was walking in, I went from trash can to trash can tossing my cookies.  I can only imagine what the onlookers were thinking of the nurse who was walking into the hospital who looked violently ill herself.

Favorite 1st trimester food: I definitely ate a lot of Saltine crackers.  I even considered naming our unborn child in their honor, but I think McDonald's Egg McMuffins wins out as my saving grace.  According to my very scientific study, I was more likely to have a better day if I started out with an Egg McMuffin than if I didn't have one.

First ultrasound: My first ultrasound was at 7 weeks.  I just can't even describe the feeling of happiness/joy/relief when you see your baby is alive and well in there!

First thoughts on gender:  I was convinced this baby was a boy.  In fact, I'm still do not believe 100% that I'm having a girl.  I keep having dreams with little boy babies...even after we found out its a girl!  Weird!  I think I'll be reluctant to take the tags off of anything pink until she is in my arms and I can confirm she's a girl!  Boy or girl, this baby will be smothered in love!!

8 weeks--no bump! 


  1. Never forget! Didn't Churchill say that somewhere? I don't know how people get duped into a second pregnancy. Surely no rational woman would volunteer for a repeat of the experience...
    Maybe I shouldn't comment.

  2. I lived for egg mcmuffins when I was pregnant with Sadie. I even bought some of the frozen Jimmy Dean ones when I could get my mcmuffin fix at McDonalds or Starbucks. Yay for conquering the first trimester!