Monday, July 19, 2010

Urban Camping

This past weekend we decided to go camping with our friends, the Vreekens. Now, this wasn't what I will call "normal" camping...this was urban camping. After work on Friday, we drove 40 minutes from our apartment, set up camp and were roasting weiners before dark. McGrath State Beach is basically a spot of sand near the beach where they have set up about 100 campsites (all within about 20 feet of each other,) so this is not the type of wilderness where you wonder if you will be eaten by bears in the middle of the night. In fact, I had cell phone reception the entire time, slept on an aerobed and had access to a flushing toilet...practically a 4 star hotel! Bear Grylls would be ashamed of me. Keep in mind that most of my girl's camp experiences followed the "No tents allowed" rule, even in the rain. We slept under the stars on tarps and made lean tos when it rained. Hard core.

However, I must admit that urban camping was so so so much fun! We laughed all night, discovered that roasting corn on the cob in the fire only has a 25% success rate, ate some marvelous peach pineapple cobbler (if I do say so myself!) sang some tunes and lost a box of donuts to the ants.

The best part of camping, as everyone knows, is the s'mores. My parents brought Luke back a bag of the biggest marshmellows that I've ever seen from their trip to Utah. Luke calls them (and I quote,) "The best things that have ever been created." In order to create a successful s'more with these suckers, you need to use 2 full grahams (if they made mega grahams, that would be even better) and a full sized Hershey's chocolate bar. These s'mores are not for the weak. I came out of the experience with a couple of burned fingers, a pant leg smeared in mallow and a very sticky face, but well worth the battle....


  1. I almost brought you back a bag of the same marsh-mellows from Utah. I couldn't believe how big they were! I love beach camping. It is one of my favorite memories with my children.(From Vickie. I am using Robert's account)

  2. How did you get a campsite? Beach camping in the summer is so fun. I hope you went grunion hunting...

  3. Tina, we ended up scoring a site last minute online. I assume it was someone else's cancellation. What's grunion hunting? Is that like snipe hunting?

  4. Yeah Beach camping is a good time. Sorry Tina we should have had you guys come along.
    Grunion hunting is during the full moon on south facing beaches you can find grunion mating. I prefer Eli's term of Sex on the beach. They are small fish and mate close to shore so you can catch them in your hand. Its pretty cool.