Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lemon Love Affair

I hosted Easter dinner at our apartment and had planned the menu well in advance…I like planning and list making. And planning usually means I get to make more lists, which is just a blissful thing. For dessert I decided to try a new recipe for lemon crème brulee. I picked about 2-3 lemons at my parent’s house, just enough for what I needed.

I should have known better than to leave them unguarded on the counter, but the next thing I know…they’re gone! What should I have expected? I live with a man who adores his citrus and the only thing he wanted when we spent our wedding gift cards was a citrus juicer. He quickly rectified the situation though, by bringing me a grocery bag full of lemons! Considering that I only used about 3 for my Easter meal, we had tons of lemons leftover.

Normally, I don’t use a lot of lemon in my cooking, but I’ve been seeking out lemon recipes to use up our stores. And let me say…I’ve fallen in love with lemons! Not just a little bit, but I’m head over heels, smitten with lemon! It can be such a light, delicate flavor, or it can pack a punch a really zing those taste buds. Basically, it’s heavenly. We’ve tried the lemon crème brulee (probably one of my new favorite non chocolate dessert recipes,) lemonade, lemon pasta, and my latest experiment: lemon cream puffs.

We still have quite the collection of lemons hanging out in our kitchen and I’m still on the hunt for recipes worthy of this divine fruit. So if you have any, please share!

Please note: This blog post and several yummy desserts were made possible by Robert and Vickie Erickson and their backyard lemon tree. Thank you!

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  1. I agree - lemon is fantastic! I love Lemon Meringue pie, but I always scrape off the meringue. I'm also a fan of lemon bars. I've heard they are ambrosia made from fresh lemons, but I've never tried making them. I don't even have a recipe.