Friday, January 21, 2011


When we decided to stay in Moorpark for nursing school, I where am I going to do my homework? We needed a desk. I went online and searched. And searched. And searched. Nothing was looking good on craigslist and I didn't want to pay nearly $200 for a particle board desk from Target.

So I went to Salvation Army on their 50% off day and bought a desk. But it was ugly. Very ugly. I needed to fix that.

I forgot to get a true "before shot," but this is a mid-paint shot.

I've never been a DIYer. I've always figured, time is money and I would rather pay to have someone else do it for me. But now that I'm a full-time student, my time is worth $0/hr.

So I did A LOT of sanding. And some painting. And my daddy let me use his tools and garage and helped me aka did most of the painting. Thanks Dad!

All it needs are drawer pulls and a chair!

Now I've joined the elite club of DIYers and have a little study corner so I can study my rear off!


  1. The desk is beautiful.. Nice to be a DIYer...
    Good luck studying... and your cruise pictures and description make us want to go too.

    Robert & Vickie